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Help me in this code plzz

Image background

3/31/2020 2:12:03 AM

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You are mistakenly putting a webpage url. The url of an image should end with jpg png or gif


Ok😂😂😂😂😂😂no problem


😅Yes sis , You are late 😛


I got answer but thanx 😊😊


What happened it's work properly


Ok I will definitely add it . Thanx 😊


Done made it


Check out


Thank you soo so much bro 😊😊😊


Ok, thanx again 🤗


Can you tell me how you copied the link ??


Plzz help 😢


Hi! This code help to text animation Ex:-


Hey! Bro This make your code more good looking Please add in your css this body{ background:linear-gradient(black,gray,black); background-repeat:no-repeat ; height:100vh; }


Mention your problem


You already editted your asking code so I can't access that webpage to show you, but basically you right-click (long tap) the image or the download link and choose "open in new tab", if the new tab url ends with an image file extension, it is likely that it is the image url.


this code is better: it's the same but without errors, the </link> its unnecessary the code is ignoring it



Hi anyone here


Help dis code