Should i study data structure and algorithm before learning any programming languages?

data structure

3/26/2020 12:55:04 PM


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If you have the freedom to do so, I'd suggest to just start learning a language and intersperse your regular programming practice with standard structures/algos as you go and need it, while you mainly concentrate on writing a lot of code with your own hands which will always be the main force making you better.


I wouldn't recommend that. It'd be like learning the grammar of a language without knowing any words or learning how to repair a car without knowing how to drive one.


Not required though . But you can .


that may be help full but not that much required just telling you as mine expiryance


Hey "Visioner", Data Structure and Algorithms are so important and perhaps learned with negligible programming experience, but if I would say then you should first take look at the languages or just pick a single language as per your comfort, it may be C/C++, Java, Python etc. It will give you a clear idea and it would be easier for you to understand the algorithms in terms of Programming.


Yes its good ..If you learn data structures and algorithms it can easy for you to understand the language