Hi. I don't know why after a short breaktime, my passed steps have lost. I learnt almost 20 lessons and unlock them but now!?!?

3/25/2020 9:30:48 PM

nilufar pilghush

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What you lost? There is no 20 lessons in any, I guess.. If you find it a bug, you can report to info@sololearn.com. You have rights to ask. They will give you clarity or rectify error.. The tag operator will not fit about question. So please add relevant tags only like SoloLearn, account, profile...


Thanks for your response. I meant 8 lessons of part one and 12 lessons of part two. Sry I had internet connection problem and it didn't save my work.


check ur network connections or May be u have not update ur app if problem stills contact at info@sololearn.com


You report this problem to SoloLearn. But check you latest update version of SoloLearn. Be careful to use web app, because you can't save some times in web. You should click to another page for surely save steps.


Additional info: Lessons will work in offline also.. See there option in settings.. For other sections, If any connection problem, then actually it won't open.. If it open, then restart app when no connection problem... All will work get updated. So it means no lost? Then fine.. No problem.. You're Wel come..


I also encountered the same problem. The problem was that after that Long time that I created my account, I did not activate it. Check through your old emails, you will see a message telling you to activate your account. Also after that check for updates. Am not sure its your internet connection because it still works offline just that u can't see certain images and viewing of the comments aspect. Or if all the options don't work which am not sure it won't, contact at info@sololearn.com


hi, it might happen because of power management. when you leave your phone idle, it close apps. if it close your solo learn application it might lose your un saved data.


Probably your app isn't up to date