Sololearn web major structure components.

Since i joined sololearn, i have been using the app on my phone, never tried the web platform. I tried it today and found it to also be quite interesting. So i was wondering, what languages have been used to develop the front end and back end of the web version so as to make it fully responsive?

3/24/2020 7:10:26 PM

Alfred Juma

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In the website, HTML CSS and JS is used and you can only learn on the website through your desktop (However, you can enable request desktop site option in mobile in your Chrome browser) and the sololearn app is made by using programming languages.


Rajat Porwal the languages are what i want to know, i mean, the site is so responsive and very simplified.. i just need to know the secret behind all this


Alfred Juma now you know.


I thought there was something else...but its ok Yash Sehgal , got you....i was doubting myself


The Web version of SoloLearn is no doubt very responsive, the basic framework of the web version is developed with HTML and designed by CSS. The tool which makes so much responsive is Javascript (JS). Other than these things, the pages are so responsive and user - friendly, that is the reason it looks so clean and comfortable to be used.