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I want to learn Computer Science Major work as a software engineer after graduation. Now I’m in grade 10th in Vietnam. I’m learning some programming languages like Python, Java, C++.What else should I learn now beside programming languages to prepare for university? Anyway, is there anyone from Computer Science Major in UC Berkeley? I need your advises guys! Thanks!!!!!

3/24/2020 11:08:00 AM

Nhi Huỳnh

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> After Learning language you should learn about data structures and algorithms ,i will give a another perspective to solve problems > Learn Problem Solving Maths like derivatives, calculus , algebra, probability , stats . But you don't need to learn them separately (in terms of basic maths you need to remember basic formula) As soon as you feel that you're lacking to solve a particular problem then you should learn maths And last advice is Never stop learning


Get good in Maths. Trust me it will help you a lot in any engineering field especially in computer science.


U need to learn some Programming languages like java cpp, python , according to your interest if u interested in web development then learn HTML,css js, php if u r interested in software field learn Programming languages