Should I learn c# before learning c++

Is c++ extension of c# please answer so that I could start learning one of these 😐

3/24/2020 10:30:28 AM

Atomic Wave ~⚛

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C# and C++ are two completely different languages. C++ is derived from C whereas C# is more close to JAVA. so the short answer is that it is not mandatory to learn C# or even C to learn C++. But if you want to learn both then it is completely your choice


Both r different too .yes u can learn both but i will suggest u first learn cpp then c sharp


First you can learn C++☝️


better to learn C first. then you can move to C# without learning C++. but learning some basics of C++ helps to understand the concepts of C# easier than who directly starts C# as thier first language.


Not required , you can directly jump into c#