Making a game for Android in Python

Can I make a game for Android in Python? If yes, then how?

2/17/2017 2:21:54 PM


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The only way I am aware of is using Kivy. It is crossplatform and can be compiled down to apk.


Guys..sololearn is a very cool app..nd i want them to make a tutorial for android as well..its so important..android helps u make games,apps and even learn xml and enhance java.Even sololearn works on an app...and thats why i wanna request these guys out there to make a Sololearn android tutorial..thanx!


After I got back to coding, and on an android phone, I found kivy was about all with QPython. When I looked into becoming an android app engineer, I see that they want you to have extensive Java skills. So after taking the java course here, I went to the Google App Store, and found AIDE(Android Interactive Developer's Environment). AIDE takes you back through Java(giving you a better working knowledge of the code, but only if you think you need it, and you probably do), app development(widgets, and functions), then into game development(I'm almost there...still in app development). But it's like most have said...either an intro to Java, and then extend, or go with QPython, and kivy, as so far I haven't looked into pygame. For 3d you could use numpy, and matplotlib with kivy creating your own library of sorts. P.S. There is an extensive book from tutorialspoint.com called just Android Tutorial, which you need Eclipse, the JDK, and SDK for. I think I found it in the app store too under Learn Android Studio.


Yes, you can. You need to learn Pygame ( a set of modules designed for writing games) and make use of Pgs4a library (Pygame subset for Android). Google "Pygame" & "Pgs4a" to understand better. Another alternative is Kivy (Python library for rapid development).


it's very much possible do a research on Kivy a GUI for python games and apps


check out unity it's cross platform including mobile and VR.AR it's 2d and 3d


I assume it's possible (Python works on Linux, and Android is built on a modified version of the Linux Kernel) but it would require quite a lot of compromises to get it to work on smartphones or tablets. Python on Android is more trouble than it's worth. just use Java or Unity. EDIT: Kivy appears to be a very good option.


Simple games is anyway the limit... and you don't really build real apk app with Python on android, but use an android Python interpreter app ( written in Java ), to run Python script, with less or more access to the android sdk ( through SL4A )... If you mean graphics games, especially 3D games, don't guess good result ( and in a hardiest way than otherwise ): you'll be effectivly advise to look at Java at least, if not at specialized frameworks in case of 3D development ^^


of course you can because python is a great programming language (python is awesome)


"Making Games with Python & Pygame"is also a free, Creative Commons-licensed book that assumes a small amount of Python programming experience. It goes into more detail with the Pygame library. There is the source code for games such as Tetris, Connect Four, Simon, Sokoban, and others.


you need to use Java more efficiently, Python is often a script and cross platform language, execute Python program maybe more slowly than native Java.


For android you can use libgdx (a cross platform) You can find tutorials for it at udacity.com Or you can use unity the top game development platform for 2d, 3d and even VR You can find tutorials at unity3d.com/learn/tutorials


you can write android app using python and kivy library wich are very easy to learn . I wrote my android app using it see https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mais.gambet&rdid=mais.gambet


learn kivy. you can compile it in apk


making games from scratch is tedious and writing em on non native language is even more troublesome. unity is a good start to develop cross platform games


u can use sl4a to create android applications using python... if u r skilled enough u can make.games too


yes ..using kivy...


Blender has an in game Python game engine


As I understand it, Kivy is more for GUI applications. You might want to look at PyGame for making games.


I have heard kevvi or whatever. try that