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Java or kotlin for Android

Hello SL community. I want to learn Android development but don't know java or kotlin. Which language should I learn? I'm proficient with python but don't know any other OOP language. I'm more inclined towards Java as it's more versatile and has a bigger community that might help me if I get stuck. Also i believe kotlin would be much easier to pick up once I'm comfortable with java. What are your thoughts on kotlin vs java for Android?

3/8/2020 3:29:50 PM


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Knowing Python, I suggest Kotlin as they are similar. You will need to read Java examples occasionally, but, with both Python and Kotlin under your belt, should be able to understand it. The Kotlin example are mostly complete these days.


Thanks for give a hand to this guy Царь СОБАКА - Догго l , you have been very prestative in helpful. Hugs and bless up!¡))


Thanks John Wells and the other guy (i can't type your name)