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Adding screen captures in sololearn

Have not found this discussed - apologies if redundant. Is it possible to insert a screen capture of sololearn so others can see errors as I see them, to help resolve these?

3/1/2020 10:01:16 AM


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Yes, it is possible in the new version of SL. It's represented by a red "record" button, in the bottom left corner of your screen in the Playground. That button records your screen. This functionality was added a while ago. You should probably update your SL app, if you don't see it. You can also upload still images in your posts. Just make a screen and share it with SL. Hope this is helpful ☺!


Got it! iOS versions of SL are known to lag behind the Android ones. Not your fault though. You probably running the latest version for iOS. What about "insert image" button? Is there this option?


Mydson, have a look at this:


thanks for the advice - must be my old version of SL (can't update under iOs 10, that i'm not ready to kill yet) - i'm not seeing the record button just "insert code" and "insert post"


not seeing an insert image button, nope


i'm not at all running the latest iOS on purpose - after iOS 10 (starting with iOS 11) 32 bit apps aren't supported anymore (and i have some ild apps i like)


If you're using SoloLearn mobile app: * How to create feeds post * How to insert image in feeds post If you're using SoloLearn web: Upload your screenshot to any online image hosting service. Copy the URL, and paste it along with your question Description, not in question title, nor in tags (wouldn't work).


Awesome! Some persons who don't often come online might not be aware of new improved additions.


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