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Cool feature on SoloLearn

there's this cool feature in Q&A at the top left: search you can type in keywords and find posts related to it. this will help you to find answers to your questions without having to ask them again. feels like groundhog day (the movie) here: every day the same questions. Everytime the same answers. please use the search before posting a question the nth time.

2/16/2017 6:40:09 AM

Mario L.

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There is a Chinese Proverb "He who asks a question feels foolish for 5 minutes, he who never asks remains foolish for a lifetime", questions are the best way to learning anything.


a lot of the sololearners are completely new to the programming world and might not know what to search and usually the first thing you might think of are games and how they are created, or which language is best which just shows total lack of understanding (which is perfectly normal for being new to the programming world)


it's not about being new to something. it's about getting help the right way. instead of asking how to boil eggs on facebook, it's easier/faster/wiser to search for it on Google/Bing/Yahoo/cooking websites. knowing where to find answers is half the deal.


Just because we my know an answer doesn't mean everyone else knows it too, This is a LEARNING site for people at ALL levels, If we think the question is at a ridiculous level we need to be patient and understand this person is trying his best, and if we can help them we should, It's not just about "me".


mostly people ask for differences between two or more languages. or which is best. or how to create games. :/ the worst questions are the ones being answered in early chapters of the courses like "what's cout?"


@Mario at one time I asked a questions, the question got deleted notifying not programming related now both question has many comments and got featured also, same in quiz factory mine got declined but same question from other got approved. They should end this.


Yeah! That will definetly safe everyone's time!😅


Truth! It's like an infinite loop. Press cntrl-c please.


would be great if more people follows up on that suggestion Mario. a eutopic world where people search before they post 😱


Perhaps people want interaction with another person instead of just reading the answer. There's this thing called community...


@Ricardo Or before your question get posted similar question would keep appearing as you type.


You are right. I just saw a question asking Hello World program. And, questions on increment operator are frequent...


@Thomas A. Beaudry: they should ask questions. but ask the search first and if they can't find an answer, they may post it. it's the redundancy which disturbs others.


Like @[Criacus Ifeanyi Valentine] said... "These questions are similar to the one you're asking..." It also seems like some students might be graded on asking a question (possibly from "the following list"). If that's what's happening it might be hard to fight without reaching the instructors.


So instead of do { ask(question); } while (1<2); try if (! search(question)){ ask(question); }


lucky to find this app, like lights in the darkness


That's a good idea


Sololearn should have some protocols on questions. Like letting you ask a questions twice or once a day, that will make you ask great questions and not to waste your chances on the ones that are easy to answer.


I don't get the point in answering an already well-answered question, without adding value to the poll but just repearing other answers. They might answer before reading the existing answers, or it's just for leveling up. I'd thumb up an answer I agree instead


This platform has reached a level requiring the FAQ for each programming language. Asked Questions can be found competent answer. This could be like Wikipedia for a novice programmer.