How can I download Android studio with my Android phone

Android development

27th Feb 2020, 9:55 PM
Prince Sudden
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4 Answers
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You can't Android Studio is for computer only.
28th Feb 2020, 12:38 AM
Gordon - avatar
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Use this app for creating mobile apps https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aide.ui
28th Feb 2020, 5:04 AM
Sumit Programmer😎😎
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haha... , no. you cant do that. try saving up for a laptop if you lack resources so that u can start building apps man
28th Feb 2020, 2:25 AM
Shen Bapiro
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If you want to develop Android mobile app with your mobile, use MIT App Inventor: http://appinventor.mit.edu/
28th Feb 2020, 3:56 AM
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