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What should be the main focus while designing UI?

Which of the following? Colors Content Simplicity of page UX? I've seen some pages. Some are special due to colors, some due to content inside page, some due to its simplicity/naturality in every component, some due to User's experience due to some magical use of JavaScript. I'm confused, what is the most important of them? Or am I missing something?

2/17/2020 1:45:22 AM

Sarthak 🇳🇵

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Sarthak 🇳🇵 Any UI can be Nice looking because of colors works, Yes there will be role of content, Text styling , alignment but color Color 🔥 You can make any thing Amazing with nice color works , so choosing good Color scheme will be choice.


ABHISHEK I came across this video month's ago , it Nice and helps out https://youtu.be/_2LLXnUdUIc


I guess it really depends on the type of website. Some websites just really have a great design, whereas others pull the user in with interaction. Personally, I would say focusing on user experience is possibly the most important, and it sums up alot: 📍Design: The user can't have a good experience without viewing a good design. People don't want to be looking at a eyesore, especially if they have other alternative websites they can visit. 📍Purpose: What in the world is the user doing on the website? The user interaction needs to satisfy the user. Basically, doing what the user wants is in my opinion the most important. It's a priority before design.


I would think the User Experience.


Jianmin Chen I agree. But I'm trying to know the fundamental principle that every UI/UX developer knows/follows


Sudarshan Rai 👑 I'm bad at choosing colors 😷 How can I improve ??🙄