I am in problem I wanted to ask this question from a long time before.

What will I do if I lose my mobile in which I had sololearn When I would buy a new phone I would install sololearn from play store but can I login with my same account or register for a new account

2/13/2020 9:13:46 AM

Nɪʟᴇꜱʜ Kᴀɴᴛɪ

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Yes you can install Sololearn and login in any mobile with same account.


You can log into your account from any platform including computers. Save you login details seoerate from your phone so you don't lose those details. When are you intending to lose your phone? 😁


Rik Wittkopp whenever you will tell I'll loose my phone.And if I'll loose you'll please buy for me a new one may be iPhone 11 max pro.😁😁😁😁😁 🅰🅹 WhyFry Thank u


Also, from 2 phones you can log into SoloLearn with same account at same time.. Without logout..