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How many types of Javascript are there?

I know there is JS, PJS, and React.js. Is there more? How many are there?

2/10/2020 9:24:45 PM

Coding Person

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These are just libraries and frameworks. You shouldn't care about how much there are. Only focus on the ones you need, and the ones you're going to need.


As many as people create. All are based off of JavaScript though. And what may be right today, may be wrong tomorrow for numbers. I couldn't find anything saying how many there are, so good question, but you probably aren't going to find a solid answer.


The question is not the number there are, but the number that are important to you.


vue.js angular.js nuxt.js node.js ember.js git.js Probably more.


Dozens. They each have a slightly different purpose, and are based off of JS.


It's same javascript. Just react is framework as angular, vue... react has jsx syntax


There is one language, but then a lot of frameworks and libraries that go with it.


I think just one. Others like React and Angular are either libraries or frameworks.


Joseph Maithya isn't Rails a Ruby framework?


Hundreds at least. Searching here would give a lot:


You list 3. There on top the ones listed, JS libraries exist such as jQuery. There are lots on them.


node.js is not mentionded as class lesson


also processing.js


I put '...'. I tried to convey the general meaning.



JavaScript provides seven different data types which are undefined, null, boolean, string, symbol, number, and object.


This is one language but many libraries and framework


Library and framework just watch your code and move on