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Silence thread

Thx to that "how many hours do u spend per day on SoloLearn?" I got 165 notifications in less than 12 hours and when I was looking through the notifications to see the old ones it kept crashing. RIP

2/14/2017 2:23:22 PM


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@SIM you didn't ask me when you took my codes


you can unstar a thread to stop getting notifications. you stealer!


also you could turn your notifications off for this app if it bothers you, or on android (possibly other os's too) you can set your device to do not disturb mode for a while to temporarily block all notifications


Thx Phil and Ahri but my phone is a bit old I can't do that unfortunately, but anyway just noticed about the star thing, but thx anyway! Ahri again? I didn't steal anything now, I always asked for permission.


I made them public and say they were yours, this time with ValentinHacker I completely forgot he made them! xD I will apologize with him later.