Why did I lose my progress?

Recently my learner activity was 95%. I successfully completed a few lessons but my stat dropped. Now it is 77%. So instead of gaining 2% I lost 20%. I'm not making this up. I have a screen of my progress taken last year. My stat was 87%, which was even more that now. Here is the link to my post, proving my claim: https://www.sololearn.com/post/237736/?ref=app This is my current stats: https://www.sololearn.com/post/237741/?ref=app

2/7/2020 9:06:17 AM


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Same thing happened me. My 55% changed to 41%


A little update. After rising to 82%, my learner activity stat dropped back down to 77%. That's odd because again I didn't do anything learning related. Since I posted this question, I only played challenges in HTML. And the HTML course hasn't been updated since 2018. I think I don't really care any more. I'd better play and code more. I just wanted to complete each stat one by one. Anyways, I want to thank everyone who took part in this Q&A and posted their answers, even duplicates 😀. Happy coding ☺!


Hello Sololearners ☺! I have some good news. My learner stat has suddenly risen to 82%, which is good, but it's just a fraction of what I lost. And the most curious thing is I haven't done anything for this. I didn't do any lessons AT ALL. Is SL trying to negotiate with me 😄? I really doubt the courses I haven't finished yet will be enough to get me 100%. So I should probably wait and do some other activities. https://www.sololearn.com/post/242114/?ref=app


You're welcome Donthack 😄 and thank you for being so supportive. Also sorry for the delay 😊. I think think there's some misunderstanding ☺. I told that I'm not giving up on Sololearn and I'm not upset about this bug. Although I don't think it's OK. The problem is not solved yet. Other learners, like Dron Solarice, still share their experience in this Q&A. So I guess I should leave it open.


Thank you Ярослав Вернигора(Yaroslav Vernigora) ☺! I'll be posting English lessons for ESL Sololearners soon.


Ярослав Вернигора(Yaroslav Vernigora) Games and movies.


Thank you Donthack ☺! I'm pretty good at reading and understanding people. Besides, English is not my native language either. I promise, I will mention you, when I post my English lessons 😉.


My opinion i can show you through an example. Like if you have 4 course done from 5 that means 80%, but if they put 3 more new courses to the 5, then your finished 4 courses would be only 4/8, so 50% of the total progress. That's all. 😉


You're welcome Donthack 😄!


Learning in Sololearn is a Progressive in nature..... its like a Chain Marketing if you don't put in effort it gonna drop...... don't forget Sololearn is an ONLINE platform....... where you need to push forth to see yourself on top 😉


Sonic, I'm trying 😊, but I'm constantly getting distracted by 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍. 😄😄😄 I will mention you as well 😉.


Sonic, you're right. There are links to my posts on this topic so, everyone could voice their open ended or any other opinions. They are right here in this question. I planned it beforehand. Everybody is welcome 😉.


Hmm 😕! Maybe it's just a coincidence, but on the night I noticed my learner stat went down, I was also learning using my PC. I didn't care about XP nor I was looking at the score. I just completed a few Swift lessons and checked the stats on my phone immediately. The result was "surprising" 😂. Well, you know the rest. This sounds crazy, but what if the app ignores the progress from their web site now. After all the app is updated regularly while the site remains the same, even those stale toasty pop ups are still there. Let's say, some "smart pants" in the dev team decided to add some "anti cheat" check (even though the courses aren't very hard IMHO). That could cause this bug. Do you think it's possible?


I am at 81% now and some days or weeks ago I was at 100%. This inflation is strange. Btw.: On https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/2157978/?ref=app you will find a thread dealing with this topic already.


I think it's because they added about two new courses.


I completed 2 courses and received the certificates. Thanks to your post I noticed that my learner activity was only 12%. I don't remember what it was before, but it was certainly more than 12.


Sonic mysteries of the SoloLearn 😉😁


Mine went from 85% down to 69%.


Same happened to me. It dropped from 100% to 81%. Even completing generics chapter in c# (new addition in sl) the percentage didn't change


Fredelig , as the courses are temporarily hidden, I don't know the names for sure but I think that one of them is Data Science (with Python) or something similar.