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Code Coach unsolved icons in profile

Hello everyone, While attempting the different code coach challenges, my curiosity often lead me to click on the top right blue button to see how different code playgrounds are displayed, yet when leaving the challenge (without making any changes), new language icons appeared on the "Solutions" section, even though they are not marked as drafts. It doesn't bother me much, but I would like to know why this occurs. Maybe the program automatically marks them as started drafts the moment you open a new language playground? I also clicked on "reset code" but the issue persists. (Also, I did search for this and similar questions but couldn't find any yet, so if you know a similar one, please feel free to attach a link ^^))

2/6/2020 10:57:48 AM

Elizabeth 💖

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Hello Elizabeth. When you pulse an language programming icon, the program automatically writes a few lines of code, but if you don't write anything in the code, it doesn't give to you the option to save the changes. To me don't give that problem. I don't know how to help you.


Thank you for the answer David