{ int i; if(printf("0")) i=12; else i=13; printf("%d\n",i); return 0; } how the op is 012??

I have not been able to understand the program.

2/5/2020 12:23:46 PM

Muskan Mishra

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if(printf("0)) it just checks if the command printf is true which is tottally true and prints 0, then i=12. And finally it prints the i which is 12. Moreover if(printf("0") ) first checks the condition printf("0") which is true, meaning that printing a character 0 it's tottaly true. SO, 0 is printed and i=12 (because if condition is true), and then i which is 12 is printed. If you didnt understand tell me again to describe it better.


printf function returns no. Charecter outputted.. printf("0") print 0, and the number of charecters outputted is 1, so if block executed... Print 12 So total output is 012




Well explained by Jayakrishna


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