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how many pixels in 1 cm?

2/2/2020 3:09:37 PM


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Please Use Google for such questions:


your device has ppi (pixel per inch) so now you can calculate how many pixel in your device per cm. in web using realworld measurement isnt a great idea, it isnt good at responsive design. so pixel "may" be better. i personally more into % and viewport based measurement, its has more consistent looks on different screen


To be fair if you use Google you can get distracted by other stuff you didn't intend clicking. They have a Science to trap you on their site. We should all have just given him the answer and gone back to studying. For anybody who is a bit tired of passing on information to newer students. Just to let you know there is alot of studies that show you can retain 90% of information you learn by passing on your knowledge to others. It can be as low as 10% depending on your learning style.


It depends on your screen.


38 pixels 1 inch = 96 pixels 1 cm = 96/2.54 = 38


imagine 30cm text across your monitor. its probably nothing, just normal big text. now imagine 30cm text across your phone


Satnam Singh "asked many times" but one post. ;) Diba What do you mean with "which is better to use"? Btw: I would also add the tags "pixel" and "cm".


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My laptop clearly has less pixels/cm than my phone, so it does matter.


It depends on the context. Are you programming for yourself or the public? I see you might be designing a responsive website based on the languages you tagged. Does your website need to be responsive to the display that someone might use? If you're just going to use one of your displays (monitor or phone), then find out what the pixel pitch or pixel density (pixels per cm (ppcm)) is of that display. This Wikipedia page should help increase your understanding as well: I would also look into designing for different aspect ratios. For example, when someone changes the orientation of their phone from portrait to landscape. Take a look at the most common screen sizes too. It also doesn't help that phones actually use a much lower effective resolution when viewing mobile websites than their actual resolution. That's why many phones come up as 360x640.


sorry, I did not see the related post, some one answer β€œIn depend...” , I asked which one is better? has any effect on screen?


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1 centimeter = 37.795275591 pixel Here is a link to pixel converter.


almost 38


which is better to use?


Does it differ screen to screen?


From your resolution (HD , Full HD) and size you display