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Is Parrot OS good for "regular" use?

2/2/2020 12:11:13 PM

Moses Odhiambo

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its for professional ethical hackers just like Kali, its not advisable to use any for your day to day OS because you won't be using 1% of its potential, but you can customize it to suit that, since Linux gives room for user to customize it to there own desire, this question is not suitable for the q&a and maybe mark for delete by our mod


blackwinter that's not what I'm asking


✳AsterisK✳ so can you use it as both a pentesting os and a daily driver?


for a n00b i will say don't, but for a Linux pro why not


If you are a professional in linux


I wouldnt because if you happened not to secure it and you got hacked in return then the hacker has access to all your hacking tools to hack you more with and your network.