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[SOLVED] Why do I have a follower?

Seriously, no codes or posts to my name, I've barely started studying, and I have a follower. Why? Do I really just not understand something everyone else sees or do I have legitimate grounds to be wierded out? (question has been answered)

2/13/2017 10:25:00 PM

kristopher reed

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Someone likes your name?


Oh no you have follower without doing anything delete your account fast. Just kidding. Let him follow. It's just an number only 10 or 20 will be responsive.


i'm following him now so i can bite him


Or people just want you to follow them back...


sometimes I think people are following me for no reason like they didn't see my codes or Q&A posts they just joined sololearn, followed me, maybe a course, then left


> considers following just to egg it on


So it's like a facebook like and got nothing to do with this apps intended purpose....


Followers can learn from you and or teach you about programming on SoloLearn just see them as you allies they won't hurt you.


Some people just follow to get a follower in response!.. reputation! some others accidentally or unintentipnally tap or click! Followers give one a feeling of being worthy anyhow it is not bad .. but one should follow someone else if this following is useful .. and offcoure if there is enough time and energy! Following needs time .. there will be a lot of notifications and any notification might interrupt you .. etc Finally i learn from my followers without following them .. just by studying their profiles whenever i like


Before I finished my first lesson someone was following me. It's a normal thing I changed WOW for Sololearn. I feel better with this. Just be polite and follow the people.