Entering data in a structure, I want to enter the date/time of entry as a data. I consulted the ctime, iomanip and chrono libraries but it is not clear to me the best way to do it. I appreciate what you can teach me. Or I have to create an enum with the months and do it manually? (I try to diagram an object-oriented database.I think of a program for a clinic, in a medical diagnosis register, the date of consultation is important).

1/30/2020 10:10:09 PM

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Please show us your attempt as we can better understand what the issue is within your code. Thanks


You can have one integer as "Days" and another as "minutes", then make 2 arrays of strings, one for Months then weekdays/weekends, then you can input each int vars, and calculate which day the month/day it lands on by using if statements and so on... (I hope that helps out a bit)


I very much appreciate your answers. I will go according to what you say, thank you. In the codes of my personal profile I came trying with the codes "Contruct copy", "Clinical history", "Date / time", "Cgi time web" and "Bdoo".