Do I need good school-leaving qualifications for being a developer or something like this?

I am in the 9th Grade in high school and I don't know what I have to do for my future.

1/28/2020 6:31:08 AM


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There are two sides: One side is are the requirements in terms of degrees. Another side are your skills. Since the first one depends on criteria I can only assume, I want to say something to skills. My school grades were not "that great", especially in math. Then I started my degree in computer science and it was very math based. Now I love math and theoretical CS and see coding just as a tool. When you have a good grasp at math, algorithms and stuff, learning a programming language is not that hard. Since you are still in school my suggestion is that you use your time to build the foundation and try to gain some understanding in math and natural sciences. That way you learn ways of thinking that may help you later.


Not always the case. If you did badly at school, there are ways of rectifying the past and improving yourself to achieve what you want.


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Oh I just realised that you're still in school. It's always recommended to attempt your best at schoolwork.


Most jobs prefer it nowadays, but you might not have to.


Probably. It also could depend on the company/the job.


More jobs require college educations these days, but not all do.


@sonic good move!




I guess schooling opens up your mind and that allows you to see more, meet more and develop more that will make sense.


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