Explain it if you can

Pls explain https://code.sololearn.com/cS5mzZnnae0w/?ref=app

1/23/2020 8:03:58 PM

Anay Sah

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print function doesn't return a value. A function that "does not return a value" returns None. Thus None was assigned to variable x. type "function" returns the class of an object. Thus type(None) returns the class of None and the class of None was printed. (type is not actually a function, it is also a class, it is the class of classes)


when you write: x = print ("y") The variable x then points to the result of the function call: print("y"). And print is a function which returns nothing (=None) You would get the same result doing: def f(n): pass x = f("y") print(x)


help(print) clears the case. print is a function that returns None.


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Lol why would you even do that??? A print function shouldn't be used inside a variable.


In python every function returns something even if it does not have a return keyword.Those without the return value return None.Print method is one of those.You can see that its class is NoneType