I want to select the first value of my variable value . That variable value change with time


1/23/2020 4:39:26 AM

Yagyesh Sahu

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Please show us your attempt so that we can help you... otherwise this may be seen as an attempt to get others to do your work. https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1316935/?ref=app


In this case you want to save the first value? (213) Is the first value only needed in that function `void loop()`? or should it be available globally?


I am coding for my project In my project, i connect a sensor it's giving integer value it's value change some time I want to select first value of the integer value Void setup(){ PinMode (int x , INPUT ); Void loop (){ Int v= digitalRead(x ); Cout << v; _____________________________ Output 213 215 216 213 215 217 218 220 214 ...................................


You can create it


Thank for comment