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What is difference between while loop and do-while loop ?

Besides the difference in syntax, what exactly is the difference between these two and what are the conditions in which one would be preferred over the other?

1/19/2020 2:15:13 PM

Gulfam Samoo

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I believe the difference is that the while loops runs zero times if a condition is already met, whereas a do-while loop runs at least once if a condition is met. As for which one is better, it depends on whether you want a loop to run at least one time or not.


The code block is ran in: -while loop after condition is checked -do-while loop before condition checked


Both loops repeat a statement or a set of statements. In do while loop as the condition is written at end in syntax : do{ statement while(condition)} so when we run the program , loop body statements will must execute at least once even if condition is not satisfied. But in while loop , it depends all on condition and it will execute them only when condition is satisfied.