How much time do you spend on SoloLearn per day? When did you start learning ?

2/12/2017 6:45:06 PM

Didi Georgel Danaila

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<^>I started here on 17/12/2016: I wasn't new to programming though : now, I've been tightly glued to the app since : so how many hours per day? well it depends on how long I sleep : today I slept for 4 hrs: and thus spent 20 hrs! <^>


Good thing that I switched Facebook for Sololearn.


I started in mid October 2016 and got addicted to it almost instantly. I would say on average I spend around 3 hrs per day. It's way better than wasting time watching stupid TV shows which I'm not interested in in the first place. Helped me a lot by giving me a chance to explore languages I've not tried before, i.e. Python and Java and made me much better in fast code evaluation :D


Like 5 months ago. I spend 8 hours a day on it. Yeah. I have to work, and I can't bring a laptop, so I have to code on this phone. Sometimes it makes my fingers hurt. I hope to get another job eventually.


How much?.. Enough that my data pack gets used almost 75% in starting 10 days and then I've got to analyze how much to use it per day -_- P.S :- It's all worth though...!!!


I started learning Python in August, but really stepped up only in late October. Having a job, a family and some other business I hardly find time to actually practice.


me 5 hours non stop.. btw i am just ten years old . i


I started in November or December, I use it often specially for practicing coding


Joined at the end of December almost January, back then I used it 3-4 hrs and sometimes even upto midnight. From now(about one month) very busy so will use it when I have time. But I can't live without opening Sololearn at least 5-10mins a day.


I think I started almost at the same time, or maybe end of October. I used to spend almost every free time I had, then I stopped using the app for a while, and finally this last weeks I started using it again


@Kuba S. just a few months and now you a number 1 in Python. Congratulations!


I started learning c++.but I stopped using the app for a while.. I started again for html a week ago.. and am happy that I successfully completed the html course 😊😊😊


It has been an year. Since then I have learned the web fundamentals over here and then started out with some programming languages. Since I am a kid, I don't get to spend much time here


I spend at least an hour every day most times


iuse it mostly for coding and trying new concepts its the easiest enviornment because when youbget stuck u can instantly ask for helps.. great community really enjoying not very old here


did you forget you have only a life? you can't spend all your free time on sololearn .... like I do 😂


I started in November 2016. I continued till Mid-December and took a break. I started again in Mid-January and am continuing now. I spend 1-2 hours with Sololearn everyday.


few hours ( maybe 2)


I started few months ago but I don't use it and now I have started it again.. I'm enjoying it ..


Bam December 16th 2016 No programming backgrounds and knowledge and I spend 8 hours if weekday and 12 hours if weekend(check out my code pls)