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Is it possible, automatically, before the user can post his question, to offer a search for an answer among existing discussions, given the text of the question?

1/14/2020 5:01:36 PM


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Alexandr yes this suggestion is comes most of the time and it's in bucket list of Sololearn hope fully it will updated. PS you can fill your suggestion via in app feedback feature as well as via the mail at info@sololearn.com


It is a great idea. Something like a bot, which posts related threads automatically, would be really helpful.


Yes it could be possible. Search bar functionality could be applied.


Like the idea! It could definitely help.


yes it's possible to implement it, either for titles or tags. many forums do it. good idea!


Ok this last answer wraps it up. They post any question maybe they get a badge. Alexandr GAWEN STEASY John Wells You were right.


It wouldn't be the first coding site to do it if it did. It would probably stop 20% at least of duplicates.


Most of the questions are repeated, despite the fact that they have excellent answers in past discussions. Thus, users could get more interesting and useful information for self-study.


Put a link of this topic in it, if you still can as a back-up.


Like the idea Alexandr. Having a 'related topics' thing before you post would help.


But it's difficult to come up with new questions, and badges await ... So I'm not even surprised.


SoloLearn has 17M followers. There is an badge that is given for 50 questions, provided that at least 5 users will like each. It turns out that SoloLearn stimulates the creation of spam. 50 * 17M = 850M questions (if everyone wants to get this badge). I think all the official documentation for all programming languages ​​does not have so many topics.


I wrote a proposal to the developers, as GAWEN STEASY advised. But it seems to me that the opinion of one person does not help much.


Yes, It is possible already implemented by Amazon app developer's where we have any queries about the product then displays the relevant asked questions by other's and answers too


A great Example of that feature is featured by stackoverflow ,, When We ask questions There Stackoverflow Shows Similar questions there ....


And maybe add new badges: "find old, useless threads... means discussions." :)


But they should save the most beautiful socialize threads...


It's a great idea if Knowledge base can be created so that people can refere to the old discussion on the same topic. It will be really great if sololearn team can introduce the same on their website. I have started using this website recently and found a lot of irrelevant posts are done in the blog by users.


mathjazz That would be perfect.


According to Sololearn.com (SL website ) shows that there Are 35M Solo users 😃