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How to get a lot of likes on someone else's code and then replace the code with your own

I think that every like or dislike should display the version of the code that was at the time of rating. That is, there should be versioning, as in Git, or a history of changes like on Wikipedia. Otherwise, each person can publish beautiful alien codes of other authors (for example, from, receive many likes, and then replace this code with code that is written in any way (which is difficult to read, or which does not work). Do you agree?

1/12/2020 1:55:47 AM

Computer Engineer

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Computer Engineer, you are a genius! To catch a code thief you must think like a code thief 😎. But seriously, I agree that it would be really nice to have some kind of version control system. At least to see your own progress. Hopefully it will happen someday. Hope dies last.


Ipang I understand you. In Ukraine, the whole country is covered by 3G and 4G networks. For $ 4 per month, you get from 10 to 20 Gigabytes of traffic with no speed limit. For $ 10-12 a month, you get full unlimited on 4G networks. In many cities with a population of 30 thousand people, you can connect an apartment or a private house at a speed of 100-250 megabits per second without traffic restrictions for $ 8-10 per month. Gigabit connection for the same 10-12 $ per month is gaining popularity in big cities. Manufacturers of routers and Wi-Fi standards do not keep up with the speed race in Ukraine :) In 2007, I connected the apartment at a speed of 38 megabits per second (DOCSIS 2.0 technology: both TV and Internet are transmitted via cable). True, then there were traffic limits for fixed connections. For 10 years now, only mobile operators have remained with the limits. I read that in the EU countries and in the USA, the Internet is 10 times more expensive and much slower.


John Wells They don’t read letters either. I sent several bug reports with links to publications and screenshots. Do you know what answer I received? "Can you send a screenshot?" A part of the questions in the letter, which I numbered, the support officer did not answer at all. Problems with displaying GIF sizes larger than 2-3 MB - has not been resolved for already a month 4. I only hoped that this section would be read by someone from the management who runs the company that owns Sololearn.


Ipang Thank you for your condolences. In a plane crash near Tehran, 9 citizens of Ukraine were killed: pilots and stewardesses of the Ukrainian airline. The remaining ~ 170 people are citizens of Iran and Canada.


If you wish this, you need to tell SoloLearn. They do not read Q&A. Send an email to [email protected] or use the app feedback feature.


I have gotten many solutions to my bug reports. All have gotten fixed and many they told me to try to duplicate to prove they fixed it. They do not reply to most improvement suggestions, but have gotten responses that they will implement a few, which they have done.


I personally don't really think problems related to using/loading big files are literally problems though. Ability to display a GIF file (or any image file that is) sized larger or about 2 - 3 MB only belongs to those who has high speed and stable internet connection. If I knew a website is heavy on media or graphics (or ads), I'd most likely put the web on my black list, unless I found the content to be extremely important. I can't stand having to wait for up to 10 seconds (or more) only to wait for an image to load in browser.


Computer Engineer Yes, with that speed I guess 2 MB+ isn't a problem at all. And you were also right, I am mostly on mobile. And my sincere condolences for the recent event with the Ukrainian airplane. May the people there be at peace 🙏