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[Sololearn] Improvement of Code Coach: See other People's Solutions

Right now we can not take a look at the solutions of other players at all. That obviously makes sense, because we get xp for solving. However, it's also a bit lonely because we can not directly compare versions and learn from each other. Now what if we got to look at other people's solutions after we solved the task in the same language? That maybe also would motivate us to keep the code a bit neat and tidy, because others might get to see it. What do you think?

1/8/2020 12:47:10 AM


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HonFu yes. It might be an good add, plus adding public and private mode on code coch would be not hurt as some people didn't want to share by any reasons. So adding private and public on that code coch didn't hurt much. As far as concern of cheating as per Mohit the coder (M.S.D) that's somhow true too. But might developer can comes up with any new ways to protect that something like public for those user whom we want "who can see code coch" something like that might I'm in imaginative world right now so only get this solution for that. plagarism checker can be take much time but yeah ability of privacy "public and private code coch" according to choice can be implemented easily imo. Diego yeah by seeing other users code we can increase learning and new approaches with many other ways and can be tricky about the code coch output formats by which somehow code coch quality will be increase. As far as about "hack test cases" try regex that give more idea about the patterns it's "private" might with some reason


HonFu I absolutely agree with you. Especially with the hard challenges it would be interesting for me to see how other users solved the problem. Basically, I miss all the advantages of the old challenges: commenting on codes, analyzing them, marveling at creative solutions, learning new things ... I also claim that I would write better code. My motivation for effective and universal solutions would be significantly higher. ;) And I think that programming on your own doesn't really fit with sololearn.


I agree with this suggestion. It definitely can improve the learning process.


This is exactly what made Coding Challenges so special to me. This and letting people post their own challenges. I've met excellent coders and I've learned so much from reading and discussing about their silutions. And I'm sure others feel the same way. But one can't simply get much out of a machine whose test cases can be easily hacked.


I'm all for it! Mohit the coder (M.S.D) Plagiarism detection is not a good idea because most of the tasks up until now are fairly basic and a lot of people will come up with the exact same code. (codewars.com is a good example of this phenomenon!)


HonFu I totally agree with your suggestion. Codewars.com works the same way and it has immense learning potential.


HonFu your suggestion is good but I've some points which can be noted. As we get xp over solution and after solving so an possible option can be add like code playground "private and public feature" option for them as many people here want to share the code and many wants to not share the code in public so if they want to share their solution then they can made them public else made them private. And if this way implemented and might two friends are their on which one has solved all then by seeing other solution he can peovide any one to them and they Also can solve without any tries. So it can make thing worse too. So first plagiarism detection should be created for every code to check and if code is not matched then it will able to solve the code coch. PS private and public option added so that it can support both privacy and disclose solution but my above mentioned things are my most doubts which stuck to me. So till implementation of plagarism tools the code coch feature remains same then it's good.


I agree with you because all my code coach solutions are messed up which could have been more cleaner and fast if it was accessible to public. Comparing our code coach solutions with our frd's solution can improve our code exponentially. People who are saying that other might copy your code and earns xps let them do so until and unless they dont care about themselves.(because they wouldn't learn anything if they just copy and paste without any understanding)


Schindlabua agreed. But if they are public after solving their is anyone who solved can see that didn't prevent unnecessary cheating and lookup that's why I mentioned plagarism tools. Code wars has some this kind of feature iirc. Making public solution will rise some unnecessary user solving them without trying as just thinking one user solved one code coch and got to see many other solution in public now if that user has an friend here and ask for code then he can share any code from public in this way their is so many user can misuse that things. yes it good suggestion but having so many barriers like I've mentioned. It might be best for keep it hidden for all. In this way we might not see the solution but if that implement then many user will complain too for their code copying which would be hard to handle again. PS it's just my opinion I'm sure as you and gawen said if some other mechanism implemented than it would be good else this suggestion in implementation will raise more problem.


Mohit the coder (M.S.D), if you could always only see a solution of a language which you have already written a solution for, users would have no incentive anymore to steal other versions. Also, the problem of stealing already exists, because you can copypaste now just as well if you insist. Code Playground already has publicly posted solutions, Q&A also offers quite a few with users who have got their version repaired and others showing how they've solved it.


HonFu quoting this "I would also like being able to see everything after just one solution But you get xp for every solution, and if one solution made all solutions available people would start solving it once then milking the other languages for xp with copypaste" That is the main problem attach with if that user has some good friends they can surely share codes and in this way they are too getting free xp And to prevent that their is not any mechanism and many user do share codes with some friennds so implementing this feature is not an good idea by looking over that issue too that's why this suggestion in implementation has many barriers Yeah code playground might have contain many public code which has suggested many time to keep them private, but that is their choice we can't enforce them as not any guideline for that right now Anyway it's all in developers hands so sending an suggestions an leave on them is better anything which implemented would be good I'm just showing the other views


Mohit the coder (M.S.D), probably they should have thought about this problem before they came out with their new feature. Because the problem of friends giving away their solutions for milking will not first occur after you made solutions visible. I am quite sure that, as we speak, there are chat groups in existence where the solutions are freely shared by copypaste.


HonFu exactly that can possible and might present too which we can't handle but then if this gesture without proper devlopement of prevention of this kind of copy pasting I would say raise many problems as at current only which they know can share but after this feature one solved problem will give you same problem thousand solution which is hard to handle and than their is more complain about this thread. For now better is that if you solved than if you want to know other way then dm that person would be better in this way at least they want new solution they can get. And as gawen said if something like who can see my cod3 solution some things like that would implemented then it might good to share codes with good repo or known user here I'm not offending any new talented user but just to prevent that copy pasting just presenting an view


Denise Roßberg, yeah, right? Everything here is about the social media aspect - for good and worse - and Sololearn has been enforcing this strongly, probably because all of that is good for ad revenue. However, the Coding Challenges in potential were social AND a real benefit for us as learning programmers. Now it seems they have been substituted against something everyone just does for themselves (and for a large part only the pro people). I still desperately hope the user-submitted and Sololearn-reviewed assignments will be back in some form.


I think code coach was release out of a way to generate more revenue. Pure and simple. Yes, it bugs me that I can't see the pro challenges... but that is the way it is. I'm sure it was a business decision on their part to try build more value and convert users. If I want to see those challenges, I have to upgrade. Based on the current pricing and the available features in pro.. it's not enough for me to convert. There are lots of different places to do code challenges, get code exercises, including just dreaming something up from your own brain. I have often taken some coding exercises.. and say...what if I do this... and go down that path. SL is just one tool in my tool box. I do not think the solutions should be public as it is tied to XP. There will be those that will post to the code playground and will post int Q&A for help. As long as I have been on SL, there have been individuals attempting to cheat the system and gain more XP. They are the losers in the end, because they don't really learn anything out of it if they just copy and paste vs... going through the exercise themselves. I don't really agree with a plagiarism checker. As I am learning, trying to get the code to work besides taking another to get around a checker.. would not be very cool...and it would be a de-motivator for some, because your saying... not only do you have to solve it, you have to have a solely unique solution. My goal has always been to complete the code and get it working.. then as my knowledge continues to grow, go back and refactor some of my codes (which I have done)......improve upon it.. as coding is an iterative process. my two cents 😃 😃


Jay Matthews, I would also like being able to see everything after just one solution. But you get xp for every solution, and if one solution made all solutions available, people would start solving it once, then milking the other languages for xp with copypaste. RKK, yeah, right? If you know that nobody will ever look at it anyway, any solution may be fine to you. I've done a few things I'd *never* have done if the code was public. Diego, totally agree about 'Coding Challenges'. It was the most rewarding thing we got here until they stopped supporting it. Code Coach is a nice gimmick, but it doesn't even come close to being a proper substitute for that. It takes the community out of it. All the more because it creates a barrier between pro and not pro.


"Code Coach is a nice gimmick, but it doesn't even come close to being a proper substitute for that. It takes the community out of it. All the more because it creates a barrier between pro and not pro." I love the above sentences its very much true man. I know it's was a competition for winning pro but i dont like the way SoloLearn is restricting non pro from accessing code coach problems. (I know developers need some financial aid as well using this pro strategy) but totally restricting the non pro users from accessing the problems is not the best idea in my opinion because there was so many ways to give pro users more features than non users by - 1) Allowing non pro users the ability to only solve in one programming language while pro users can solve them in multiple languages. 2) Introducing the challenges earlier to pro users than non pro users. Or at least by introducing more new challenges in Coding Challenge section if not in code coach. Anyway I love SoloLearn 😍


Good points all. And many people already post their solutions (search the most recent codes using keywords from the challenge titles)


Anay Sah, my idea was that you can see only see the solutions of the languages you have solved yourself before!


Good idea!