What is the best way of drawing with canvas js?

I recently created a code with javascript and used the trial and error method which worked, but i was wondering if there is a more efficient way of drawing on canvas? here is my canvas code: https://code.sololearn.com/WYX9IOAZ2iQ3/?ref=app

1/3/2020 10:08:58 PM

toto(enjoying html)

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I'd say that is one of the most efficient ways of canvas drawing, especially with the functional abstractions. If you ever need to later dynamically change the positions of the shapes, I would recommend integrating classes. CodingTrain on YouTube has some very good videos on this concept.


Thank you SuperC for the good explanation, I have been currently watching the CodingTrain P5, and I will definitely check out his videos on integrating classes...thank you for the recommendation and explanation.