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How do i start

Hey, i want to learn how to develope a game all on my own. Where would u start ? Im quite unsure which language i should use. Maybe anyone has some ideas or experience?

12/25/2019 10:51:21 AM

Anne Rie

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Games for PC: - Unity (C#), - Cryengine V (C++), - Unreal engine 4 (C++) (games for pc, vr, playstations) JavaScript (Construct 2 engine), Gamemaker(only 2D, without program language) In Python: RenPy (2D) or Pygame 2D engines for beginners: - Stencyl, - RPG-maker, - Ink - free addition for Unity (html, c#). - GameMaker Studio2 (paid 100$, drag&drop technology)


Python with Pygame is one option.


If I could relearn game programming, I wouldve started first learning and mastering linear algebra. It isnt necessary, but it makes the physics part of the game a whole lot easier to implement. I started with as much books and youtube tutorials as i could find, regardless of the quality. I later created my own approach/style by picking things out I liked about each tutorial and book. They didnt show much linear algebra or true physics which is why i never bothered with it, but later on did and confused me. If you want to start raw/from scratch and actually understand what goes on behind the scenes, C++ with SDL is one I highly recommend. Java using swing and awt is second place. JavaScript's Canvas API is third since the game loop and graphics pipeline isnt as difficult to handle. Many other languages are capable of games nowdays, just look for "[language] game engine." Read their docs and features and you'll see which is good for you. A great game engine for beginners is LOVE2D. I love it and [continued]


it uses Lua, which isnt too hard to learn. Phaser is a JavaScript engine that is also great, but a bit difficult to master. I have to be constantly researching how to do things on it. LibGDX for Java is nice, but I prefer doing plain Java since its more challenging. SFML is a popular C++ engine, but I havent used it so I cant comment on it.


The most powerful language for games is c# and the most powerful platform for creating games is Ue4 or Unreal engine 4 and if you want to learn it there is a YouTube channel for this which name is virtus


JavaScript -> Node.js -> Electron.js -> ReactNative tutorial: others' game:


Ymkk Yaseen I have also heard of an App called Sololearn from which you can start.


My advice is First use unreal engine 4 for ur game development Use blender or 3ds max for modeling , then best thing is to use quixel library for textures and materials,there u can get all the high quality materials that you need one advantage of quixel is that it just recently joined within unreal and now quixel provides free textures and materials ,on the next step ,use mixamo which is free for your animations the best thing is that all this is free and one of the best Trust me this all combination is one and only best One of the best feature of unreal engine is that if u know c++ then it is well and good and if u are getting ur work done with c++ or u dont know c++ then unreal provides u a great feature that is blueprints with blueprints u can do a lot Unreal provides both 3d and 2d game development and with extreme graphics support todays best games like pubg and fortnight are even made in unreal engine Believe me u will not find anything better then this😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


SODIQ AYOMIDE To code Blogger or WordPress templates, you'll need little: 1. HTML 2. CSS 3. Javascript 4. jQuery (optional) 5. PHP (for WordPress only)


On what platform you want create games? Web, pc or mobile?


Thank u very much. This helps a lot !


Here’s a really fun and easy way to get started coding games in javascript:


Start with JavaScript, is a good free website to refer for this


With html yes but with Javascript! I suggest html with css in the beginning and if you have been professional with this two then go to javascript


I am a beginner ,and I am willing to study python . So from where I wanna start!?


Ymkk Yaseen maybe you can start from here


Sonic i don't think so SoloLearn is for concentrate your concepts Because when try to challenge any one the question is very difficult it make you feel disappointed and go away from it SoloLearn is for concentrate your concepts because SoloLearn has very difficult challenge questions and when get wrong you will be disappointed and go away from it for this reason you shouldn't start with SoloLearn only maybe when you have learn something make your own code in code playground


On PC, later on mobile


For pc learn C family languages C#, C++. For pc games useds this engines: Unity, Unreal engine 4, Cryengine V