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Is it easy to become a self taught game developer ?

How much time does it takes?? Which programming language is best to develop games?? Can you earn more by being self taught(without a cs degree)?

12/14/2019 6:40:00 AM


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Game developing isn't seems to be easy platform, moreover doing freelancing and surviving in market is also a challenging task. There are serval of other people out there who also want to become a game developer from scratch .And nowadays it is usually common to find a programmer without CS background(Self taught ).Now days many big tech company's are hiring self taught programmers specially in game studious .So finding a job without Cs degree has now good possibility(Depend on the programmer ). For game developing c++ and c# are common.Company's like adobe use Actionscript for game development.Cry engine (c++)and unreal (c++) are some of best tools used by developers and Unity for c#. You can use libgdx for your games it is written in java and it's support serval languages like c/c++,java,kotlin,c#,js and many more.It is actually a framework that's provide write once run anywhere facility . Its support lots of platforms e.x windows,mac,android,ios.It means your game will run on both ios and android.