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To what extent are the skills of hacking necessary for a regular programmer?

I know that the field of coding is wide and large but how useful are hacking/penetration skills to a general programmer who wants to build applications which may or may not require networking?

12/10/2019 8:09:08 PM


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I would say fundamental. You need to be able to break your own software when you are done developing it. If you can't break it anymore, then chances are not many other people can either. 😊


Those skills are very useful IMO. As a hacker, chances are that individual would be knowledge about about the fundamentals of programming and scripting. It should be easier to pick up languages used to create applications for various platforms. They would also be atleast familiar with data structors and algorithms and if not it wouldnt be difficult to adapt their current knowledge to it. So yea I think a hack would transition into the world of application programming quite seamlessly since they're mostly the same.


Sonic to prevent a theft, you have to think like a thief. If a person have got good hacking/penetration skills then it is obvious that if he/she makes a program then it should be more secure than any other professionals.


How will you ever know your house is totally protected if you cant employ the tactics applied by bugglers to break it? What i mean is, your dev work is your house, so trying to break it through various means employed by hackers will enable you to know where to fix/add improvement on it. The harder it is for the work to be exploited, the harder it is to be infiltrated. Happy coding, Keep coding πŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜‰


I would say Penetration Testing is the main thing you should worry about knowing. Just basic knowledge. Just enough to be able to test your programs to make sure they are secure. I would say having a basic knowledge oCyberSecurityf will be more than enough.



You need fundamental skills to enable you discover vulnerabilities in your software


C++, kali linux, pentration testing kits and others. Much much more. Knowing the ins and outs of many operating systems. Great in debugging and reverse engineering. Hacking is one of the hardest things to do.


Look online for ethical hacking courses for kali linux


The skills have to be extreme and the user must be wise enough to be able to accomplish the task.