Python How do I implement my skills in python after I learn the basics ? Like I does it come together. I only understand a lit

12/9/2019 12:59:42 AM

Ronel R. Casilag

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You can start making scripts for yourself... For example, you can try to make an installer or something. That's what I did. For myself, I already knew how to make BASH scripts, and already had a few bash scripts that I made to automatically set up my system a certain way. The script basically does: - create a bunch of directories - create a few files - search system for particular files - create backups if they exist - check those files to see if they've been edited or not - edit them - modify a few files - etc I was learning Python, so what I did while I was learning python was I tried to make to make a python version of the same bash script... What I learned was... I had a lot more to learn in order to do what I was trying to do. So while I was trying to make a python version of one of my bash scripts, I was constantly looking up how to do this and that, basically learning how to do new things as i needed them... You can try to do something like that... that would put what you know to the test..


By making mini projects for yourself and then just gradually increase the scale of the projects. This will not only help you grow but will also add to your achievements (just in case you want to join a organization and work with them in future)


You can start your own portfolio.


By writing code on your PC.


Start by trying to solve SoloLearn's challenges. Start with the most easier and make progress toward the harder


There are also Python interpreters for mobile devices.


By practice https://youtu.be/b0nwTZY4dzM


make some project and get inspired from https://hackernoon.com/50-popular-python-open-source-projects-on-github-in-2018-c750f9bf56a0 to make a boost for your portfolio