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Best free text editor?

Hey there, i’m new to HTML and i was wandering which is the best free text editor to start designing websites. I’m currently using notepad.

12/7/2019 2:40:25 AM

Darrilyn Villaluna

13 Answers

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Try Sublime text.


Here many editor's but you can go for .Visual Studio Code..


Sublime text 3


Code Blocks


Sublime text is not free, Try visual studio code


Visual Studio Code, Atom, Brackets, Sublime Text


It's up to you


Atom might be a good option. It's not that overwhelming


It defense on youu


Visual studio code is the best text editor


Maruthi M.B how did you get the Html in vs code to work?


create file with .htm or .html extension , open it with visual studio code


Visual Studio Code