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What is difference between python and c ++

I am new to c++

12/6/2019 12:55:20 PM

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Python is an interpreted language that requires no compilation and runs slower on computers while C++ is a compiled language that runs fast on several computers.


First go and start to learn them then you will get your answer.


The only similarity is that they both are programming languages so they sare a bit of same traits. Rest everything is different.


Python is snake and c++ is a programming language


Syntax is one difference. Python is newer but used more widely than C++. Python has many more libraries than C++.


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Peter Koinange your links are not relevant to the question.




Python is a general purpose and one of the high-level programming languages. A variable can be used directly without its declaration while writing code in python. ... C++ is also called an intermediate-level programming language as it is developed using both low-level and high-level language features.


C++ is used to build big computer programmes and big games and since its low level language it can communicate with hardware python also can be used for almost everything however its mainly known to be used in penetration testing and Al annd its easy to learn compared to c++


Experience in the field really helps alot, learn the languages and this will help you figure it out...


I don't think so.


I would suggest going through this article: https://www.educba.com/python-vs-c-plus-plus/


You have to get used to semicolons, braces, type declaration and pointers and more.


Lol they are two diiferent languages 😃


Adding to other answers, c++ is a strongly typed programming language. While python is loosely-typed programming language. In strongly typed language variable should be given a datatype first and while on the otherhand loosly dont need datatype while declaring.


C++ is somehow more complicated than python, I am learning c++ as a beginner, I have a little knowledge about python but I think it is easier.


It is basically the difference between English and Japanese. There is different syntax in C++. In C++, you have to say what the data type is when creating a basic variable. In Python, you don’t have to say the data type. Python just knows what the data type is by the value you give it.


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