Is it within the guidelines for users to advertise things in their feed posts that will make them money?

Appropriateness of financially beneficial advertising on feed posts.

11/30/2019 11:27:43 PM


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Well I looked through various guidelines relating to sololearn and technically no its not I say if youre promoting a game, book, art piece, and similar that people have a CHOICE to buy its fine And as mirielle said in your other question, some mods tweak the rules a bit to fit a certain situation so idk for sure. A negative would be to put a link that a person gets money for every X clicks because those links usually lead to sites with malicious plugins, apps, executables, etc. and I believe someone from SL staff (Shahane) stated they did not like people using SL for their personal monetary gain.


Personally, I would tend to agree with such a post if there's a clear relation to coding and to helping the people here... But on the other hand, where to draw the line, right?