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Resources for learning thenewboston Derek banas brackeys Paid: AIDE Please comment any extra resource you people know. Plz like the question if you find it helpful

2/8/2017 3:17:51 PM


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Free Paid premium courses)


Harrison Kinsley's youtube channel-sentdex and website- are good for python and its applications


Also try Not my top choice, but some schools use it.


Khan academy teaches ProcessingJS, HTML, CSS, and SQL.


Resource collection

+7 It's pretty good.


I gave you that badge!


@Code * Posts a C# tutorial playlist *


You can check out 10 great websites to learn coding in the below link 👇


for the daily workout routine I have found an app called Enki at the playstore ... this is also great for some background information in addition to sololearn for nearly every level of knowledge

+6 this guy knows what he tells :)


For spanish speakers 😉: códigofacilito MasterHeHeGear Alexis Jeansalle

+5 check it




You can see:


Udemy Course era Edx Khan academy

+4 is a good website. In the search section briefly type the task you want to do. In 64 or more computer languages it will tell how to do task. Needless to say that it does not cover all 834 comp languages nor all events/task. You can contribute in ur language of proficiency


just a word of caution don't spread your self to thin with different languages. It takes time to grow into a full stack developer.


for php ? books plz


is there any download link for those books