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can anyone tell me how to import py modules such as Tkinter, Curses, turtel etc. in this app?

11/24/2019 12:28:48 PM

RaHulk YT

7 Answers

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You ca do it with: import <module name> If you get an error message, the desired module is not available or can not be used.


RaHulk YT, did you try to import tkinter within SL or on a local python installation with also a local IDE?


ok, you can try to find out, if the required modules are installed on your installation. Just go to the python console and type : help(modules) #---> then hit Return this will list all modules, the most are coming with the basic python installation, the others are from individual installation with python pip.


i got an error message when i use Tkinter, that means that modules can't use here?


If tkinter gives you an error, you probably either are importing with the wrong name or you don't have it installed. I once ran across some problems because when I installed python it didn't install tkinter. Maybe look for a solution to that at stack overflow, it sure helped me. I hope you can find the answer!


i try import from another IDE, bcz i don't know how to do that in SL


thanks for your help bro :)