What is Pseudo Transitive Rule??

I can't define it properly 😞

11/24/2019 2:47:36 AM


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Anthony That's very easy suppose you have to Given dependency A-->B and WB--> C so from that we make the closure of different combinations first 1. A → B (given) //As A is deriving B for now. 2. WB → C (given) //then we look over WB->C which is given so now we look over these below combination first replaced B of left side with A 3. WA → WB (using IR2 on 1 by augmenting with W) // In this W will return W and A is deriving B which we can get by dependency and A is deriving which we getting from IR1 //Now for WA->? We deriving like this way WA ->W //in this above statement A is deriving B so WA ->WB Now from WB derivation C is coming so WA -> C These ways is solve in pseudo transitive rule in which you solve and make dependency over every present relation 4. WA → C(using IR3 on 3 and 2) This is how it is working.


Anthony transitive property in functional dependency is shown to relate different dependency. In transitivity the main concern is If x -> y and y-> z then x ->z this rules of transitivity in maths is followed in function dependency Eg:- A->CD CD ->B Then A ->B too due to transitive dependency rule Here is an example of transitive dependency https://www.lifewire.com/transitive-dependency-1019760


Anthony if above answer is solve your doubt then OK else ping me again will try to give any other Roanoke or you can give any FD in which you are facing difficulty.


In the transitive rule, if X determines Y and Y determines Z, then Z must also determine X, . If X --> Y and Y --> Z then Z --> X


GAWEN STEASY but in Pseudo Transitive there is an intervention of 'w' how and why I can't understand 😞