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Pyinstaller TypeError

I've tried using Pyinstaller and no matter what code I try, it gives me "TypeError: an integer is required (got type bytes)" even on the simplest hello world code. What am I doing wrong?

11/18/2019 1:38:32 AM


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Might I suggest you download pycharm, which is a program that will enable you to code and run python on your computer. Unfortunately, I have no previous experience with pyinstaller and the process you are describing.


Please attach a sample of your code, its easier to help if we can see the problem. 👍


I'm doing it from the command line. Is that how I run pyinstaller? I open cmd on my computer and type "pyinstaller" It runs through a lot of steps and then gives that error. It doesn't matter what the file contains. Even if the only code is "print("Hello World").