Everything works except my name, it sayd that Nikola is not identified. How do i make it recognise my name?

#FakeBook name = str(input("Enter your name: ")) print(name) age = int(input("Enter Age: ")) print(age) if (age >= 24): print("Bro you old") if(age<1000): print("Its less than 1000") if (name == Nikola): print("But ur Nikola so its ok")


11/17/2019 8:19:34 PM

Nikola lazic

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Nikola is considered as a variable, it does not exist. Use double quotes for strings: if(name == "Nikola"):


No problem 👌


Just an extra: user input is a string by default, so you don't need to convert it with str().


Oh yeah.. thanks Ill try it out right away :D