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Character input doesn’t give an error

I was writing an extremely basic code of taking input from user and printing the output. int a, b; cout<<"Enter any two integers"<<endl; cin>>a>>b; cout<<a<<b; return 0; I fooled around a bit and tried inserting a character instead of an integer to see what kind of error message will pop up. For instance I inserted a=1 and b=w But it instead printed an error free result: 10 I tried variants of it and learned that it replaces characters with zeroes. Why? Why doesn’t it display an error?

11/17/2019 3:16:31 PM


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+3 The failbit will be set, if the input stream doesn’t contain an integer value.


I extended my code: If the failbit is set, the input stream can be read again. The fail state has to be cleared for that purpose.


Thank you for answering! I’m not yet familiar with the “failbit” concept but your code made things clear.


Yes, this was helpful as well. Thanks again.


You have declare b as integer . So when you input b , compiler do casting character b into its ascii code which you will get on output screen. And it must be 98 right?