What are the math skill needed for computer science engineer?


11/17/2019 5:44:00 AM

ashwin raj

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Logic, algorithm, statistics that type of math is important for computer enginner.


While individual programs vary, most require some variation of the following: at least 2 semesters of calculus, a course in discrete mathematics, linear algebra, and a differential equations course.


Importance of Maths in Computer Science: https://study.com/directory/category/Engineering/Math/Math_for_Computer_Science.html


Differential Eqn Calculus Integral Discreate mathematics Logarithm etc Also some aspect of physics is needed


It's almost depend on area of field you wants to work with. For graphic programming you should be aware of coordinate geometry . Console system software requires theory of set and relationship. Basic skills requires are logic and basic algorithm. Hardware level designing require knowledge of logic gates. Morever the most important skill require is only logic and algorithm with creative practice.