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Is the personal activity feed section moderated?

Or is it only examined if a user reports any inappropriate content in the "Let's Stay Safe Together" thread?

11/16/2019 9:29:27 PM


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Sonic ✳AsterisK✳ No, the activity feed is not moderated by the devs - the moderators regulate that section as well. While it is a fairly new section, we don't moderate it too heavily and mostly keep to removing content that would certainly be in violation to the guidelines (nudity, inappropriate/disturbing images, hate speech, etc.), and most of the posts we find are either found while scrolling through the section ourselves or from user reports.


✳AsterisK✳ you mean by the Devs? How would they have the time without the help of the community or mods?


i think so, but not with much concentration or by the sololearn mod i think, its monitor by sololearn directly


Sonic that part i don't know, but sololearn knows how they figure that out