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Please can someone tell me about moderators??

Who are the moderaters ? Who selects them? Are they the sololearn staff?

11/7/2019 11:26:24 AM

Tanmay Gupta

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Moderators are people selected by the devs/platinum mods to help in moderating the app. Most of them are not a staff or in anyway have shares in the app, they're just people like you selected for that purpose. They can privatize codes suspected to be copied, edit, ban a post and also for platinum mods only would be able to view downvoters and also recruit new mods. However, there actions are limited as they do not own the app and the mods tag is a privilege to them not their right, they can only mark a post in Q&A as mfd but can't delete it immediately, they can be remove from the mod community, they can't make their own rule except it's accepted by the developers and many more


the moderators are gods of Sololearn, they can all their rights are unlimited