What programming language do I need to choose if I want to write games and applications for android and ios?

Is there such a programming language that you can write for both Android and IOS at the same time?

11/5/2019 6:51:12 AM


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You can use C# (Xamarin) or Javascript (Ionic, Electron) to build cross-platform mobile apps. Build native Android apps with Java or Kotlin Build native iOS apps with Swift https://www.zeolearn.com/magazine/native-vs-cross-platform-apps-youll-be-the-winner


Hey, u dont need to go hard just use an game engine called unreal engine 4 there u can get all the game assets which u want no programming language is required Or if u know c++ can use that one If u dont know c++ then u can use blueprints which are provided in that game engine Check on youtube