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First Standalone Program Complete!

I have been learning Java for a while now, and I found myself constantly opening my paint program to find the RGB value of different colors.. Today I decided to fix that, so I sat down after work and wrote a program with Red, Green, and Blue sliders that change the color on the screen and tell me the RGB values.. ok, I know, not that impressive, but I did it without looking up how to do things, I did it quickly, and most important, It works flawlessly.

2/6/2017 10:27:01 PM


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Impressive mate, keep them coming!


I surely think that it is impressive - being able to apply programming to your daily problem-solving routine.




That's my #1 reason why I want to learn programming. We all want to make the next Angry Birds and get rich quick, but more realistic, I want my files sorted and stuff like that


time to get geeky with a mood lamp and hardware interfacing.



Its impressive what you did and certainly very cool that you can solve your problems by writing your own applications. For those who cant do that or dont have the time or dont want to, there are several colorpickers on the internet that show you the rgb as well as the hexadecimal value for any color, for example: or google color picker!