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Is SoloLearn profile real?

I am constantly getting challenge requests from someone named SoloLearn. Is this the real SoloLearn, and is anyone else getting these requests?

11/2/2019 3:22:16 AM


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Andrew Bota Yes Sololearn profile is real. Sololearn send challenge to those who doesn't play much challenge or never play challenge. And also Sololearn check your activity through this.


Andrew Bota pls use thr search bar before posting. The account "Sololearn" has been concluded to be a bot. Here are similar questions;


A J Ouw !! Thats why i'm getting lots of challenges from Sololearn nowadays 😄


It's just guys who work for sololearn trying to keep you active is all.


We think the Sololearn account challenge feature is a bot.


Yes it is the real Sololearn 😊



Sololearn have his own profile in his app


It's bot


yes it is a bot...


is sololearn a bot owned by sololearn?


I believe the ‘Sololearn’ that challenges us is actually a bot that [in my challenges] usually scores about 3 😁🤔


Yes i getting these